Natural hand dyed yarn to buy

Over the past few years I have become more and more interested in dyeing fibre using plants and flowers from the garden and hedgerow. It is fascinating to see the subtle colour range that can be achieved and is an exciting learning process.

There are so many natural dyes available – comfrey leaves, beetroot, ivy, woad, madder, tansy – the list is endless, and you can catch up with my latest dyeing projects on my blogs and see some of the range of colours in my Instagram posts.

The dyed yarn I have available currently is a worsted wool spun from Romney Kent sheep. The creamy-white fleeces from these sheep have long staples (length of growth of the wool each year) of around 10-20cm and when spun give a lustrous smooth fibre that takes up dye very well. This wool is ideal for tapestry projects and durable knitted items such as jackets, socks and mittens and can be used for garments that are worn one layer away from the skin.

Silk takes dye really well too and I have a range of soft coastal colours, blues, peaches and cream available in silk yarn which is very soft and knits up beautifully. I also have an aran weight yarn spun from Jacobs fleece which is naturally a rich chocolate brown and again is perfect for sweaters and jackets.

If you would like to know more about the Romney Kent yarn, the colours available and other yarns I am currently supplying please contact me using the enquiry form  below.
Naturally dyed wool

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